About SkinForum.org

SkinForum.org is a non-profit website dedicated to help people with chronic skin conditions.   We are a group of physicians whose main interest is to serve the community.  Through this website, we hope to expand our efforts to help people who do not have a dermatologist either due to time constraint from work or family, insurance coverage, or feel too embarrassed, afraid, or even depressed to seek the help from a dermatologist.

Financial disclosures

This website is made possible with the help of well-respected and dedicated dermatologists in volunteering their time and effort to support our mission.

Special Thanks

I also would like to give special thanks the open source and free software community such as WordPress, Annotum Base and the myriad plug-ins authors and community that power this web site.  Lastly, a little thanks to my IT friend in helping me with this project.